India's First Aviation Themed Technical & Cultural Fest

Hosted by

School of Aeronautics (Neemrana)



Today, when our consumers are growing more aware and have products all over the world at their beck-and-call with online shopping facilities, the traditional advertising methods are losing their magic touch. Even with all the right buzz words and an ever-exploding marketing budget, it is not easy for us to attract customers for our products and services.

At such a time, sponsoring a college event can prove to be a brilliant marketing strategy to promote your company in your target audience. At college fests and events, you get an opportunity to catch kids young enough to mould them into loyal customers for years to come and old enough to earn some and spend some. Here are some of the top reasons how a college event sponsor can be a brilliant marketing strategy for you:

Establish Rapport & Cultivate Credibility

It is very important for a company to build trust and establish rapport with its potential customers. When you get involved with an event, you project an image of being supportive, dependable and cool for the young audience. Being a sponsor to the college fest will highlight your market worth and your credibility in the college crowd. You might even find some good, loyal and hard-working employees that you might want to pick up from there.

Choose Your Target Audience

Besides college fests, there are alumni meets, entrepreneurial talks, summits, workshops and conferences at the colleges where you can find different genres of crowd. You can choose to sponsor an event that targets the mix of right people – such as angel investors, industry leaders, techies, business stalwarts, academicians or young students – for your company. Just enquire about the typical audience for the event and determine whether it suits your prospects.

Get References & Generate Leads

You know how companies entice kids to get their parents to buy their products. Similarly, at a college event, you target prospects that are not only potential customers for you but may also know many more people who might mean business for your company – their parents, their cousins, their neighbors, and their social media mates. Sponsoring a college event is a good way to generate leads, get references and start a word-of-mouth publicity campaign.


Extended Exposure in Media

College fests and events are growing bigger every year. Besides college magazines and alumni journals, the events are well-promoted in local media. Unlike trade fairs and exhibitions, these fests and events are also well-attended and are considered quite successful. Hence, all the sponsors involved with the event automatically get promoted.

Excellent Brand Building & Brand Promotion Strategy

If you are looking at ways to promote Brand Awareness, event sponsorship can take you places you have not yet explored. Logo placement in event brochures, flyers for the fests, direct mail, websites, social media & email marketing, online and offline campaigns, event tickets, signage, etc. will make your brand familiar to hundreds and thousands of individuals associated with the event directly or indirectly. Besides, being a sponsor builds a brand value that is so difficult to communicate.

New Sales & Partnerships

At most college fests, you might be allowed to display your products at strategic points with interesting deals, offers and special discounts. You can encourage people to sample your product and perhaps buy it on site. Besides, you can look forward to network with other vendors, sponsors, speakers and even attendees of the college fest and derive extra benefits from the opportunity.

Promote CSR Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an upcoming department of larger and more established corporate houses. At college fests, you have the opportunity to inspire youth to be a part of your Community Development project or human interest cause. Such gestures are highly appreciated and can be a useful tactic for building good image in the eyes of your prospective clients.

Samples & Free Trial Offers

Distributing samples and offering free trial offers is a great way to test market before launching a major campaign. And college students just love the ‘free’ stuff! You may also set up a stall for food & drink related products and get honest feedback of students. This authentic information can be a great market survey strategy for any company.

Access to Mailing Lists & Distribution Channels of the Event

Most colleges allow you to have contact list of the attendees. Even if they do not allow it, they mostly agree to send your marketing message to them on your behalf. Being a sponsor, you can ask organizers to promote your brand on their social media channels and other promotional activities. Since you are associated with the college event, you automatically become a part of the ‘in’ crowd and get endorsed by the college.


  1. Our crowd will be consisting of students from every corner of India, giving our sponsors an opportunity to establish a diverse customer base.
  2. Aiming over 3000 participants in the age group of 16-30, this fest can be golden opportunity for companies related to gadgets, computers, stationary, food and beverages, etc.
  3. For outside participation e-invites and formal invitations via speed post will be sent to 200+ colleges which include Aeronautical Engineering Colleges from all over India, Rajasthan Technical University affiliated colleges and colleges from Delhi / NCR Region.
  4. Being Aviation industry linked, Students have privilege of dealing with highly sophisticated and cutting-edge technology.
  5. Senior Rank officials from Industries (Indian and Japanese) located at Neemrana are also invited in this fest. They are invited with their families.


Note: Suggestions, Queries and Quotations are welcomed if any corporate wants to form a strong relation with us.


  1. GOLD SPONSOR    (5,00,000 INR+)       
  2. SILVER SPONSOR (1,00,000 INR+)
  3. BRONZE SPONSOR (50,000 INR+)


  1. COPPER SPONSOR (30,000INR+)
  2. RADIUM SPONSOR (20,000 INR+)
  3. RUBY SPONSOR ( 10,000 INR+)


  1. Prize Distribution Sponsor
  2. Technical Event Sponsor
  3. Food Sponsor
  4. Registration & Documentation Sponsor
  5. Celebrity Sponsor
  6. Games/ Stall Sponsor


Sponsorship Amount: INR 2 Lac


  1. Promotion as TITLE Sponsor on all Fest Related Material (Posters/Banners/Leaflets/Mailers /Wristbands, etc.)
  2. Regular Posting about title sponsors on all Fest Social Media pages!
  3. Space to put up 10 Banners / Hoardings and 10 Standees on Different Important Locations.
  4. MC Mentions on stage at start and end of ALL Fest Events!
  5. 2 Stalls at the most prominent locations for duration of the fest.
  6. Slide Shows of sponsors through projectors at different locations on campus.
  7. Privilege to organize an event on location to promote your company/brand!
  8. Blast Mails of Posters having only Title Sponsors Logos, Fest Logo, and brief description!
  9. Gate Arch at entrance branded completely by Title Sponsors and Sky Festinooo logo!
  10. Option of Branding on Main Stage!


Sponsorship Amount: INR 2 Lac


  1. Promotion as Co-Sponsor on all Fest Related Material (Posters/Banners/Leaflets/Mailers/Wristbands/etc.)
  2. Space on Official Website. Name and Logo on Fest Website for next 2 years as “Previous co-Sponsor”.
  3. Regular Posting about co-sponsors on all Fest Social Media pages!
  4. Space to put up 8 Banners / Hoardings and 5 Standees on Location!
  5. MC Mentions on stage at start and end of 5 major Fest Events!
  6. 1 Stall at the most prominent location for duration of the fest.
  7. Slide Shows of sponsors through projectors at 3-4 different locations on campus.
  8. Option of Branding around main stage.


  1. The Name and Logo shall be prominently displayed on the following:
  • All posters & Banners at all the venues.
  • Registration forms to be sent out to around 200+ Educational Institutions.
  • All invitation letters.
  • Delegate Kits & Sweatshirts for All Committee Members
  • On multimedia screen
  1. The sponsor may set up stall on all the days.
  2. Regular announcements throughout the Symposium.
  3. Listing in the Print Media.
  4. Banners of the company to be put up around the campus.
  5. The company may also distribute its printed literature to all the delegates.
  6.   The Internet shall play an important role in promoting the event and shall provide many Advertising opportunities,
  7. Name and logo of the Silver Sponsor shall appear on the AEROFEST 15 Website.
  8.   A dedicated executive marketing team for promoting your products and   increasing the sale.