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School of Aeronautics (Neemrana)



Debate is a process that involves formal discussion on a particular topic. In a debate, opposing arguments are put forward to argue for opposing viewpoints. Debate occurs in public meetings, academic institutions, and legislative assemblies.[1] It is a formal type of discussion, often with a moderatorand an audience, in addition to the debate participants.

Logical consistency, factual accuracy and some degree of emotional appeal to the audience are elements in debating, where one side often prevails over the other party by presenting a superior "context" or framework of the issue. In a formal debating contest, there are rules for participants to discuss and decide on differences, within a framework defining how they will do it.


  1. This is a Lincoln douglas debate.
  2. All the participants have to reach the venue atleast 30 min before the event starts.
  3. The participants have an option to form of a team or debate individualy. Max no. Of participants is 2.
  4. Each team/participant will have 12 mins to make the initial argument. The Rebuttal time for opposition will be 15 mins . Final clarification/rebuttal for the initial team/participant will be 3 mins so as to ensure equal amount of time to all sides.
  5. The bell will ring at 10 mins time for summing up.
  6. There should be no derogatory remarks about any individual or commmunity. Any provoking comments regarding any caste religion faith are strictly prohibited and subject to disqualification
  7. Judges will have complete discretion for scores and maintaining order for debate .
  8. Decision by the judges are not to subject to appeal anywhere.
  9. Both hindi and english languages are allowed only with the condition that the mixing of two languages should not happen. Either pure hindi or english should be used.


  1. All the participants must register on The College Fever. Follow the link
  2. Registration starts from 28th July, 2019.
  3. This contest is open to all the students in the age group of 16-30 from an academic (technical/non-technical) institute.
  4. Participants must bring with them a proof of their identity (an institute id-card is acceptable).
  5. Judges will have the right to stop a participant’s performance at any time.
  6. Please check over your schedules very closely prior to the event and notify us immediately of any mistakes or changes.
  7. In case of a tie, the winning participant will have to go for one more performance and the task will be given by the judges only.