India's first aviation themed technical and cultural fest


Taking part in a cultural activity is not compulsory, but highly recommended. It helps students deal with both success and failure as well as develop discipline, leadership, resilience and social skills.

Taking part in activities provides an outlet for creativity and the possibility of moving outside ones comfort zone in an enjoyable and structured environment. Some university studies have shown a positive correlation between participation in co-curricular activities and high academic achievement. However, enthusiastic students need to balance the number of activities they take part in with the negative effect of taking on more than can be coped with and the associated stress.

The cultural events can be broadly classified into competitions, festivals, workshops and celebrity shows. The committee aims to bring out talent in the student community in all the possible forms whether its music, dance, theatre, literary skills, sketching or other fine artstyles. In order to showcase these talents various competitions like 'Sangeet Sandhya', 'Dance Night', 'Drama Night', 'Rangoli' are  organized.